Monday, 29 August 2011

some more bits ya'll

Some clothes for you to oogle at on a Monday afternoon. Just drop us an email and if you wanna be fly ;-)

Blue and green check 3/4 shorts R50
Goes with: white tank top tucked in and tan flats or yellow heels ... yes yellow!

High waisted black pencil skirt R55
Scarf - R25
Goes with: anything!

Purple retro dress R85
Goes with: Peep toe heels

Paisley blouse - R60
Goes with: skinnies or bell bottom

Men's waistcoat - R40
Goes with: v-neck t-shirt and shorts or jeans

Cream short sleeve jumper - R55
Goes with: anything

Ladies high-wasited pale yellow, white and
blue pants R70
Goes with: heels, tank top or add some turn up wit flats
to keep it casual

Beige high-waisted ladies retro pants R60
Pink floral scarf - R35
Goes with: heels and pastel colours

Khaki ladies wide leg pants - R55
Goes with: wedges and tank top (pop it with orange!)
and some some gold accessories

Ladies red retro jacket R150
Goes with: skinnies, tights, chunky shoe boots

Friday, 26 August 2011

Mz Bratt

Totally gushing over Mz Bratt, a UK grime MC with enough attitude, style and talent to make you believe 'yes you can' too. If that doesn't work, shout white rabbit three times and click your heels! Have some AAA-ERRR-TUDE!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

some bits

We have some retro clothing in stock. Take a look-see and drop us an email at to purchase. 

Unisex suede jacket R250
Sunglasses R40
Goes with: denim shorts

Victorian button up blouse R70
Goes with: black pleather tights or skinnies with killer heels

Men's blazer R150
Goes with: long shorts or skinnies

Navy blue blazer R80
Green takkies R40
Blue floral scarf R30
Goes with: denim or beige shorts 

80s retro bomber jacket R70
Goes with: black tights, long chains and killer heels or chunky shoe boots

                                                             Black petticoat dress R60
Goes with: peep toe heels, long chains or flower broach

Navy and pale blue blazer R70
(part of suit - skirt 65)
Goes with: Beige tapered trousers, tan heels or flats

Purple shirt R50
Goes with: shorts or bell bottoms

                                                                    Bronze jersey R45
Goes with: shorts or black skinnies

Suede long waistcoat R60
Goes with: shorts, short jumpsuit

Retro blouse R45
Goes with: tuck into black harem or bell bottom

Pencil skirt R50
Pink floral scarf R30
Goes with: flats and white tank top tucked in 

80s blouse with shoulder pads R65
Goes with: pleather or plain tights

Pleated skirt R65
Sunglasses R40
Goes with: pale yellow or white tank top and heels or flats

Fitted jacket R70
Scarf R25
Goes with: everything

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

mr indie - the 'i don't give a sh&t look' that works

London musician Pete Doherty's 'I don't give a sh&t look' manages to keep us coming back for more.  It was one of those nights where things take a crazy left and next you end up at an impromptu gig in East London and geez is this fella tall. You really don't want to look like a stalker and stare but oh did we stare ... not a cool look at all! He might be a lil dirty but there's def something about Mr D ....


Some inspiration for a chilly Monday. Keep checking our blog for updates on our retro and vintage clothing line.