Thursday, 24 May 2012

Wish I Wore Wednesdays - 23 May

We haven't blogged since last week .... *bad Old Street*

Quite a bit has been happening - we're working on our own clothing line, more of our uber cool retro fade cropped tees, more accessories, faux fur coats and some other delicious bits.

The last pic is our winner - Nwabisa Noba-t Nobatana from East London. We chose the dress because she's one cool chick AND because adding some suede hi-tops and a cropped leather jacket would make it oh so Old Street!

Check out our Facebook page next Wednesday and send in a pic. It's fun and you get a lil prize from us:

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Wish I Wore Wednesdays

Old Street's WIWW

We kicked off our 'Wish I Wore Wednesdays' today - send in a pic of an outfit you wish you were wearing and if it tickles our fancy, then we'll send you a gift. It's important to develop ones own personal style but it's just as important to be inspired by what's out there. 

Take a look at what was sent in today and BE INSPIRED :-) Get out of the box - it's so 2001 isn't it? 

We honestly love each outfit! But we were feeling oh so bored today and in need of a holiday, so we
 went for the drama in Sarah Murphy's pic. Every girl should have a dress like that, even if we only get to 
wear it to Checkers! 

Anesh La-Nesh M

Dawend Wallenkamp 

Kim Van Wyk

Liza Kidwell West

Anneska Pretorius

Emily Pettit-Coetzee

Evashnie Padayachee

Jean Dennis

Nicole Sweet

Emma Follet-Botha

Sarah Murphy (winner)

Lorraine Van Der Merwe

Naidene Cooper

Shana Hendricks

Shawwaal Petersen

Zoetsa Mandalios

Mareli Basson

Christeleen V.d. Merwe

Natalie Paige Hoffman

Zimkhitha Zibi