Thursday, 27 October 2011

We at Old Street feel that life is way too short not to make a statement with what you are wearing. This is the first of our range of retro statement tees - retro clothing with conscious twist.

The 'lives' series will be sold for R35 and R50. Send an email to to order.

  • Lennon lives
  • Marley lives
  • Pac lives
  • Biko lives
  • Ghandi lives

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Vintage and retro market

We'll be at the You & Me and Everyone We Know night market at the Labia on Orange Street - Friday, 28 October. If you fancy all things vintage and retro, it's the place to be.

Some bits we'll have at the market ....

Friday, 21 October 2011

A man we heart oh so much

There's nothing more attractive when a man wears clothing that fits him well. It helps even more if the clothing is not too mainstream. And of course it helps if he can sing .... enter Plan B, an amazing artist hailing from London's east end of course!

He is first and foremost a rapper but last year he dropped a mammoth album - The Defamation of Strickland Banks - a soul record, which is about all you need to know. The album is absolutely amazing - he's like a male version of Amy Winehouse.

His dress sense is always a suit and oh, do they fit ever so well! Now if only more men cold have his swag!

Check out this video of him performing live -

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

On trend (not) ... don't be a clone innit!

When it comes to fashion, which is at its core an art form, we should try and use it as a means of expression. This is at the heart of why I sell retro and vintage clothes. It’s two-fold really – to provide people with an alternative option to paying R500 for something in a shop, where it will be donned by a few thousand other people. Secondly, I sell the clothes because it gives all of us more of a chance to experiment with our individuality and really put our stamp on things. No one else will be wearing it and you can shout out loud and proud that you love who you are.

Vintage and retro is not a fad – it’s not a trend. People who wear vintage respect the clothes – it has had a life before and hails from a time when mass consumerism was not the order of the day, therefore the quality is better.  There is a story in each item of clothing or handbag – there is a story that we should all respect and golly gosh, there are a few things that I will not part with – pass down yes but part – never! 

More now than ever do we need to be individuals because everything and everyone these days appear to be carbon copies of the next person. I don’t personally follow trends, if there’s something I like, I wear it – I’ll rock Dr Martens when its ‘out’ and I’ll rock a pair of dungarees with purple heels just because.  Most importantly I just cannot justify paying exuberant prices for clothing when people are suffering – that’s just my thing. 

I need to thank my dear mom; above all else, she is a classy lady with impeccable taste in clothing. I fought with her – she wanted to make me into a girly girl and I wanted to be a tomboy and today, I can rock an amazing frock with amazing sneakers and that is who I am! People who know me, know I have an addiction to sneakers - I even have a pair with my nickname in graffiti on the back and of course a lil gangsta girl holding a tennis racket (I played) on the side. It's amaaaazing ... to me at least, and that's all that should matter, ever. 

Where I draw my inspiration for my style:

Hip hop



Florence Welch


Friday, 14 October 2011

Pick of the week

A lil something to show how you can rock this amazing emerald green satin blouse. Heart it! Send email to to order or check us out on Facebook. 

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

New stock - I went green crazy!

Somehow this week my eye just went for green. It's a great colour for this season and the items work well to dress and down. Drop us an email at or check us out on Facebook -

Emerald green 80s parachute material blouse. Amazing shoulder-poofness! Pair up with pleather tights and some nice chunky shoe boots. Size 32. R65.

This is my pick of the week! Satin emerald green shortsleeve blouse. Great detail on the back. Perfect to tuck into a pencil skirt or high-waisted wide-leg pants. Size 32. R60

Lovely bottle green clutch. R50

Button up striped dress (Zara). Size30/32 R60.

Great summer blouse - colours look even better in the flesh. Great for bell bottoms, denim shorts.
Size 32/34. R60

I adore this dress. Navy and white print with great ruffle detail on the front. Just needs a perfect
 belt and some heels! Size 36. R80

Monday, 10 October 2011

Have a party to go to? Glam it up with 1950s dress!

Nothing but nothing says girly glamour more than a 1950s dress. While the chances of you finding one from that era are slim in SA, there's nothing wrong with having one made. The more netting underneath, the more the skirt will 'poof' and as we're addicted to all things 'poof', this style of dress is always a winner in our books. It's classy - very, very classy! It's time to channel Jackie O!

Friday, 7 October 2011

Mod 60s fashion - we heart very much

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something interesting I found

1920 – 1929Theme: The Machine Age / Art Deco / Edwardian / Ancient Greece / Japanese
Signature Style: Luxe / Exotic / Graphic / Ethnic / Oriental
1930 – 1939
Theme: Hollywood Glamour / Post Depression / The War Years
Signature Style: Restrained / Feminine / Elegant / Glamour
1940 – 1949Theme: American Look / Silhouette Sensible / Classic Sportswear / Hollywood Glamour
Signature Style: Costume Jewellery / Patriotic / Hawaiian and Ethnic Influences / Plastic Fantastic
1950s – 1959Theme: Mexican (prints) / American Glamour / Imaginative Prints / Nature and Florals
Signature Style: Optimistic / Opulent / Glamorous / Luxurious / Colour / Sequins / Pearls
1960 – 1969
Theme: Couture British / Space Age / Ethnic / Early Hippy Movement
Signature Style: Artisanal / Permissive / Global / Feminine
1970 – 1979
Theme: Disco / New Age / Hippy-Boho / Folk Times / Gipsy / Carmen
Signature Style: Hippy / Retro / Folky / Ready-to-wear / Easy-to-wear / Bold and Body
1980 – 1989Theme: Sexy / Manly Influences / Sports / Dance / Power Dressing
Signature Style: Body-con / Graphics / Futuristic