Tuesday, 18 October 2011

On trend (not) ... don't be a clone innit!

When it comes to fashion, which is at its core an art form, we should try and use it as a means of expression. This is at the heart of why I sell retro and vintage clothes. It’s two-fold really – to provide people with an alternative option to paying R500 for something in a shop, where it will be donned by a few thousand other people. Secondly, I sell the clothes because it gives all of us more of a chance to experiment with our individuality and really put our stamp on things. No one else will be wearing it and you can shout out loud and proud that you love who you are.

Vintage and retro is not a fad – it’s not a trend. People who wear vintage respect the clothes – it has had a life before and hails from a time when mass consumerism was not the order of the day, therefore the quality is better.  There is a story in each item of clothing or handbag – there is a story that we should all respect and golly gosh, there are a few things that I will not part with – pass down yes but part – never! 

More now than ever do we need to be individuals because everything and everyone these days appear to be carbon copies of the next person. I don’t personally follow trends, if there’s something I like, I wear it – I’ll rock Dr Martens when its ‘out’ and I’ll rock a pair of dungarees with purple heels just because.  Most importantly I just cannot justify paying exuberant prices for clothing when people are suffering – that’s just my thing. 

I need to thank my dear mom; above all else, she is a classy lady with impeccable taste in clothing. I fought with her – she wanted to make me into a girly girl and I wanted to be a tomboy and today, I can rock an amazing frock with amazing sneakers and that is who I am! People who know me, know I have an addiction to sneakers - I even have a pair with my nickname in graffiti on the back and of course a lil gangsta girl holding a tennis racket (I played) on the side. It's amaaaazing ... to me at least, and that's all that should matter, ever. 

Where I draw my inspiration for my style:

Hip hop



Florence Welch


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