Sunday, 13 November 2011

Project launch: New Street

We're all about being conscious - whether through the clothing we buy or helping others. The launch of New Street is a huge milestone for us because it couples our love for clothing with an even bigger passion - providing a hand up instead of a hand out and hopefully this will provide a sustainable income to people out there who are struggling.

Karen lost her job. Her husband has lost his job. With three children to feed including a baby, life is tough. They lost their little home and have moved into the 'bush' as she calls it and have set up a little shack. She will be selling in her area (Atlantis) and hopefully, she'll be on her way to get herself and her family back into a home.

It's pretty simple - we supply women with clothing to sell and their first load of stock is funded by our vintage and retro range, Old Street.

We have managed to team up with a supplier for clothing that is brand new, slightly rejected and comes from shops within South Africa as well as the UK.

They get stock to the value of R250 which they call sell in their areas. They are priced super cheap - R20, R40 and R50. Way cheaper than Pep Stores and any other shops touting bargains in their windows.

Their second purchase of stock will be subsidized by us as well - so the sustainability begins to grow.

It is our hope that women will be able to provide the basics for their families and also have enough money to start their little own clothing business.

We'll keep you posted on how Karen has been doing and if anyone would like to contribute the purchasing of stock, please email us at

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