Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Wish I Wore Wednesdays

Old Street's WIWW

We kicked off our 'Wish I Wore Wednesdays' today - send in a pic of an outfit you wish you were wearing and if it tickles our fancy, then we'll send you a gift. It's important to develop ones own personal style but it's just as important to be inspired by what's out there. 

Take a look at what was sent in today and BE INSPIRED :-) Get out of the box - it's so 2001 isn't it? 

We honestly love each outfit! But we were feeling oh so bored today and in need of a holiday, so we
 went for the drama in Sarah Murphy's pic. Every girl should have a dress like that, even if we only get to 
wear it to Checkers! 

Anesh La-Nesh M

Dawend Wallenkamp 

Kim Van Wyk

Liza Kidwell West

Anneska Pretorius

Emily Pettit-Coetzee

Evashnie Padayachee

Jean Dennis

Nicole Sweet

Emma Follet-Botha

Sarah Murphy (winner)

Lorraine Van Der Merwe

Naidene Cooper

Shana Hendricks

Shawwaal Petersen

Zoetsa Mandalios

Mareli Basson

Christeleen V.d. Merwe

Natalie Paige Hoffman

Zimkhitha Zibi

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