Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Me, myself and R70

Armed with R70, I thought I would try and see what I could get for my dooollllllars. I hate the fact that people are enslaved by the all mighty 'account' - shops can charge what they want and consumers pay the prices because they can just whip out their Edgars or Woolworths cards and think about paying later.

A big thing for us at Old Street is living a life without debt and using fashion as a means of expression. We don't read fashion magazines, we don't follow trends .... yes some days we might look as though the Bangladesh cricket team bowled googlies and hit sixes at us but we're happy and whole.

My addiction drew me to this swanky pair of denim ankle takkies ... with studs! The price you ask? A gorgeous R40 at Fashion World, a shop I had never gone into before ... but why?

We love 80s fashion ... we love 70s clothing ... we love vintage clothing ... we love online clothing stores .... BUT we might just love these earrings more! Ok that's a bit much but I call these my Dynasty earrings and bought for only R15 also from Fashion World .... it's a keeper! They have it in purple, green, orange and black.

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