Thursday, 26 January 2012

Reworked vintage jewelry coming soon ...

We will be stocking the amazing work of a talented designer named Jane Alexander.

Zemi Jewelry will be making its way from Durban to our shop and you can find them at all the markets we do as well.

Jane's motto is simple - re-purpose, revive and re-style! Her beautiful pieces date as far back as the 1930s. She also has Austrian crystals, aurora borealis crystals, marquisate encrusted brooches and necklaces as well as fun clip-ons.

What started off as an addiction seven years ago has now turned into a business of love - where she creates  pieces utilizing vintage jewelry.

"I try to use high quality pieces and components. I avoid cheap plasticky materials and love semi-precious stones. Simply; I'm just a girl from Durban with an addiction for accessories.  I am a romantic, creative-'head in the clouds'-poetry,-philosophy loving kinda girl. I believe in good quality handmade (with love) items that you know will last. "

A life of memories comes with each piece of vintage clothing and jewelry. It's unique and can pass these pieces down. Imagine tell your grandchild that pieces of your broach hail from the 1930s.... 

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  1. These are gorgeous! Especially the first one! I look forward to it!