Thursday, 5 January 2012

And we're back ... hello 2012 nice to meet you

Yes, we're going big or at least when we're wearing these shoes, we'll feel larger than life. No blog posts in such a loooong time - feels really awkward sitting here. Well December was really crazy. We had three markets at the Labia up until 23 December, the shop was busy, we made plans for the new year, went away for Christmas and slept through new year and the rollercoaster starts all over again!

We feel really blessed for being able to take a love for quirky fashion as well as providing something affordable to people out there. We have some plans in the pipeline for 2012 but will always promise to keep our prices real ... we're in Africa afterall!

Here are our top ten moments for December:

  1. When we finally acquired a changing room - it fell down just as a customer came out = PRICELESS!
  2. A guy came in asking if we could lengthen his white pants with material he brought .... cream pillow cases = FUTURISTIC SWAG!
  3. Young women walks in, she looks confused and says: "Oh, this is not my style". All we were thinking was "honey, neither is that train smash you're wearing" = SCHOOLED!
  4. The wind at the Labia blowing the rails over and over and over = END OF DAYS!
  5. Being invoiced for a market in someone's back yard where nobody pitched up = CLASSIC!
  6. Driving 450kms for a surf trip only to eat fish and chips then head back two hours later and miss ringing in the new year = SELF SLICE!
  7. My two-year old cousin praised for saying "no daddy, I'm not a bully". My two-year-old nephew doesn't need words - he acted like a cat with pitch-perfect meeow sounds and all = HOLLYWOOD CALLS!
  8. Bought a pair of sunglasses at a Chinese store for R30, only to have the one lens pop out three hours later = ADVERT GOLD!
  9. A lady buying her husband's ex-wife's vinyl (it was signed) from us so she could leave it on the bed for him to see. A brother and sister buying a jacket for their dad for Christmas, which was similar to one their mom threw out years ago because she didn't like it = CREEPY!
  10. Germans haggling over a R50 blazer = CHEAP!

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