Thursday, 19 January 2012

Takkies and tiaras

Let's face it, it's great to wear a girly outfit but there those of us who are tomboys at heart, like to keep it simple ... which translates into takkies (trainers/sneakers), skirt and chunky top. Well for me at least. I have a serious addiction to takkies. Sometimes I spend hours on the net just spoiling myself looking at the delicious offerings from around the world. My first thought when I see a banging outfit is always: "Hmmm what takkies do I have at home or I could so rock this dress with a pair of yellow Pumas!"

It's just one of things. Some girls are girly-girls but some of us are kind of borderline. I love studs, leather, takkies, 50s skirts and a whole lot of shoulder pad action. I saw a man yesterday, he was amazing. He stood there not knowing the power at his feet ... the beauty. He was wearing a pair of Adidas Grand Prix's which I've been searching for to no avail. He was short and he looked like he wore my size ... hmmmmm

Some might say it's an abomination to wear takkies with skirts or dresses but there Iis something so empowering to be able to mix girly with a lil tomboy - I just love the contrast. I lived in London for six years and you are spoilt for choice when it comes to takkies. My favourite store is Size? in Carnaby Street. You've never seen anything like it your life. Their prices are reasonable and when the sale hits - hold on tight Ms Molly! The sneaker seen is South Africa is boooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring - you are always at risk of bumping someone with the same pair you've just bought and the prices are overpriced. It's a combination of stores feeling as though they can charge what they like and that other evil called SARS. Anyway, it's dull to max!

There are no rules in fashion so do whatever you feel like ;-)

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